FAQs for the Public

  • Q: Do I need an account to access information on this site?
  • Q: Are lobbyists and/or lobbying principals required to undergo training in Wisconsin?
  • Q: What is a “principal”?
  • Q: Why can’t I find the lobbyist/principal I am searching for?
  • Q: When must an individual obtain a license to lobby?
  • Q: How often do lobbyists need to report their activities?
  • Q: What are some things that are not considered lobbying activity?
  • Q: Are lobbyists and lobbying principals allowed to give campaign contributions?
  • Q: How much money can lobbyists spend taking legislators to dinner or to sporting events?
  • Q: How long are legislative sessions in Wisconsin?
  • Q: Where can I find more information about lobbying ethics in Wisconsin?

For further assistance, please review information at the Lobbying section of the Ethics Commission website and the Eye on Lobbying User's Guide.

You may also contact the Wisconsin Ethics Commission by:

Phone: 608-266-8123

Email: ethlobbying@wisconsin.gov