FOCUS Custom Lobbying Reports



FOCUS is a paid subscription service that brings customizable lobbying information directly to your inbox every day.

  • Want to know when another organization starts lobbying on a proposal you are interested in?
  • Might you overlook a newly introduced bill or proposed rule that affects your organization/client?

The Wisconsin Ethics Commission has the solution!

The Wisconsin Ethics Commission will search its database daily for new registrations, comments, and positions on the bills, rules and budget subjects that you are following, and will use keywords and statutory references that you select to search for:

  • Principals' activity related to your interests
  • Newly introduced bills
  • Proposed administrative rules
  • Positions and comments on budget bill subjects
  • Lobbying topics reported to the Ethics Commission since the prior business day (even before a related bill or rule is introduced)

The Ethics Commission will then email you the results in a customized report to your inbox each morning.

The registration cost for this service is $100 for the entire legislative session (two-year period) per subscription. You must be logged into the Eye On Lobbying website to create or manage a FOCUS subscription.

How to Subscribe to FOCUS

  • Choose ‘Subscribe to FOCUS’ from the left-hand menu
  • Click the correct button to either subscribe for yourself or someone else
  • Complete the subscriber information, including the email address that FOCUS will use to send notifications
  • Assign user permissions for anyone else who can manage the subscription and notification criteria
  • Manage your subscription criteria
    • Enter keywords that will search reported topics, relating clauses of bills, and principals
      • NOTE: keywords must be entered individually – DO NOT enter all keywords at once
    • Add bills, budget bill subjects from the current session that you want to follow (if you are associated with a lobbying principal, items on which the principal registers will automatically be added to this list)
    • Add scope statements for administrative rulemaking that you want to follow
    • Add principals that you want to follow
  • Pay the $100 per legislative session FOCUS fee in order to receive notifications

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