State Public Officials And Liaisons

Corrections, Department of

Officials That Are Liaisons

Wall, Edward

Position/Title: Secretary
Phone Number: (608) 240-5055
Email Address:

Morgan, Deirdre

Position/Title: Deputy Secretary
Phone Number: (608) 240-5055

Legwold, Scott

Position/Title: Assistant Deputy Secretary
Phone Number: (608) 240-5090
Email Address:

Anderson, Kathryn

Position/Title: Chief Legal Counsel
Phone Number: 608-240-5049

Staab, Joy

Position/Title: Communications Director
Phone Number: (608) 240-5060
Email Address:

Roberts, Melissa

Position/Title: Legislative Advisor
Phone Number: (608) 240-5056

Jess, Cathy

Position/Title: Administrator
Division: Adult Institutions
Phone Number: (608) 240-5100
Email Address:

Fischer, Earl

Position/Title: Director
Division: Badger State Industries
Phone Number: (608) 240-5201

Symdon, Denise

Position/Title: Administrator
Division: Community Corrections
Phone Number: (608) 240-5304

Taylor, Cari

Position/Title: Administrator
Division: Juvenile Corrections
Phone Number: (608) 240-5901
Email Address:

Rolston, Stacey

Position/Title: Administrator
Division: Management Services
Phone Number: (608) 240-5401

Nagle, Kathleen

Position/Title: Chair
Division: Parole Commission
Phone Number: (608) 535-2134

Other Employees That Are Liaisons

Streveler, Tony

Position/Title: Policy Initiatives Advisor
Phone Number: (608) 240-5801