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Principals do not report on the budget under the bill number, but by Budget Bill Subjects as published by the Legislative Fiscal Bureau.  You can search for Budget Bill Subjects on the What Are They Lobbying About page. 

Assembly Bill 482

Relating To: appealing a determination by the board of assessors, claiming angel and early stage investment tax credits, employers who must withhold state income taxes, benefits to persons serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom, eliminating the requirement that the Department of Revenue audit the records of contractors who perform emissions inspections, the liability of married persons filing a joint income tax return, the payment of the alternate fuel tax and the tobacco products tax, estate tax interest, qualified retirement systems, reducing nondelinquent taxes, extending the time for filing a tax reconciliation report, delivering tax-related documents and related payments, appeal of redetermination of earned income tax credits, granting rule-making authority, and providing a penalty.
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Lobbying Principals

Principal Name Notified Date Communication Date Comments Supporting Documentation  
City of Milwaukee Notified Date 7/26/2005 Communication Date N/A Comments   Supporting Documentation  
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Report Date

Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce Notified Date 7/20/2005 Communication Date N/A Comments   Supporting Documentation  
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No principal has reported any activity on this bill during the current legislative session.