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Assembly Bill 637

Relating To: Relating to: disregarding a taxpayer's election to include another in its combined group, disallowing certain carry-forward amounts for combined reporting purposes, repealing the income and franchise tax credit for qualified production activities income, repealing the changes made to the earned income tax credit in 2011 Wisconsin Act 32, restoring indexing provisions to the homestead tax credit, eliminating the individual income tax exclusion for long-term capital gains other than for farm assets, computing the estate tax based on 2002 federal law, and creating a new individual income tax upper bracket.
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Lobbying Principals

Principal Name Notified Date Communication Date Comments Supporting Documentation  
Wisconsin Education Association Council Notified Date 2/27/2012 Communication Date N/A Comments   Supporting Documentation  
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Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce Notified Date 2/28/2012 Communication Date N/A Comments   Supporting Documentation  
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Wisconsin State AFL-CIO Notified Date 3/2/2012 Communication Date N/A Comments   Supporting Documentation  
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No principal has reported any activity on this bill during the current legislative session.