Legislative Efforts

Topic Not Assigned A Bill Or Rule Number

Principals registered to lobby in Wisconsin are required to report "topics" on which they are lobbying. Topics are matters which have not yet become bills, resolutions, or administrative rulemaking proceedings.

For instance, if a principal lobbied on crowning cheese King of Wisconsin, and that matter had not yet been introduced in legislation, the principal should report "crowning cheese King of Wisconsin" as a topic within 15 days of the first communication.


Proposals relating to enforcement of violations of one call Diggers Hotline requirements and conditions for excavators using power equipment near utility buried facilities.

Lobbying Principals

Principal Name Notified Date Communication Date Comments Supporting Documentation  
Madison Gas & Electric Company Notified Date 8/9/2017 Communication Date N/A Comments   Supporting Documentation    

Lobbying Efforts

No principal has reported any activity on this administrative rule during the current legislative session.