During the
Legislative Session

Lobbying Principals

2005-2006 Legislative Session
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America
Principal Name: Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America
Business Or Interest: Research pharmaceuticals.
Lobbying Interests: Represent America's pharmaceutical manufacturers and attempt to influence state legislation and administrative rules in the following areas: 1-health care reform; 2-Medicaid reform; 3-tort reform; 4-insurance reform and 5-pharmacy practice issues; 6-senior drug issues. Health care reform.
CEO Name: Alan Holmer
Title: Regional Director
Contact Name: Linda Carroll-Shern
Address: 55 E Fifth St Ste 1255
City, State, Zip: St. Paul, MN 55101
Phone: (651) 224-4548
Fax: (651) 224-4084
Web Site: http://phrma.org