During the
Legislative Session

Lobbying Principals

2013-2014 Legislative Session
Marquette University
Principal Name: Marquette University
Business Or Interest: Higher education, research and public service.
Lobbying Interests: Within legislation and specifically the budget bill, we seek adequate funding for higher education student aid programs such as the Wisconsin Tuition Grant and also programs affecting dental education. These include capitation support for Wisconsin resident DDS students and program support for dental clinic operations, as well as dental regulatory issues. The University may take positions regarding transportation, non-profit organizations, and economic and neighborhood development issues.
Title: Vice President, Public Affairs
Contact Name: Rana H. Altenburg
Address: PO Box 1881
City, State, Zip: Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881
Phone: (414) 288-7430
Fax: (414) 288-5936
Web Site: http://www.mu.edu