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Legislative Session

Lobbying Principals

2013-2014 Legislative Session
Wisconsin Engine Manufacturer & Distributor Alliance (WEMDA)
Principal Name: Wisconsin Engine Manufacturer & Distributor Alliance (WEMDA)
Business Or Interest: The Wisconsin Engine Manufacturer's & Distributor's Alliance (WEMDA) is a state trade association. Organized by industry to provide a unified voice in preserving manufacturing markets in Wisconsin to ensure economic and future job growth. WEMDA represents interests in Commercial, Residential, Marine, Mobile, Mining, Construction, Agriculture, Lawn & Garden, Recreational, HVAC, Heavy-Duty Truck and Distributed Power Generation applications.
Lobbying Interests: General business; tax; R&D, environment; 13/14 state budget
CEO Name: Marc Bentley
Title: President
Contact Name: Marc Bentley
Address: PO Box 1532
City, State, Zip: Madison, WI 53701-1532
Phone: (608) 698-0707