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Legislative Session

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2019-2020 Legislative Session
Boys & Girls Clubs of Wisconsin
Principal Name: Boys & Girls Clubs of Wisconsin
Business Or Interest: We serve over 145,000 youth at 151 sites in 57 cities across Wisconsin, or more than any organization other than our public school system. In 2018, the State of Wisconsin contribution was less than 2% of our total budget, and we want them to become stronger partners as we continue to invest in our future. With two thirds of our kids living outside of Madison and Milwaukee, we support programs and funding that allows all Wisconsin's Clubs to continue to offer unique programs that promote the positive development of young people.
Lobbying Interests: We focus is on securing resources that result in measurable outcomes for youth in academic achievement, career skill building, workforce development, juvenile crime reduction, prevention of opioid abuse, and positive civic engagement. We support and track legislation and budget matters related to programs and activities for school age youth statewide.
Title: State Director
Contact Name: Andrew R Gussert
Address: 5542 Riverview Drive
City, State, Zip: Westport, WI 53597
Phone: (608) 213-8585
Fax: (608) 257-7570