Andrew's Voice, Inc.

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Andrew's Voice, Inc. does not have members. Initial funding was received from over 100 individual donors. The organization does not represent, and is not funded by, any industry, trade, profession or other group.

Lobbying Interests:
The organization will seek to reform state legislation affecting the rights of persons subject to involuntary civil commitment. These rights are primarily governed by Chapter 51 of the Wisconsin Statutes; however, there may be other legislative efforts that collaterally impact the population that Andrew's Voice seeks to represent. For example, the organization will lobby in favor of proposed amendment of Wisconsin's expungement statute; the organization may also support mandatory mental health courts in every county.


Elizabeth Rich
529 Ontario Ave
Sheboygan, WI 53081
(920) 892-2828

Authorized Lobbyists

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Elizabeth Gamsky Rich Exclusive Duties No Authorized On 3/18/2019 Withdrawn On N/A

Lobbying Interests

Legislative Bills/Resolutions

Assembly Bill 33
Assembly Bill 33
Relating to: expungement of records of certain crimes. (FE)

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The principal, a lobbyist authorized by the principal, or another individual acting on behalf of the principal do not intend to communicate on this matter.
My son, Andrew, died last January. I believe he would be alive today if this bill had been law. He was saddled with a felony conviction for being a drug addict--for possession of a small amount of heroin. This robbed him of his future.

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Filed Statements of Lobbying Activity and Expenditures

This organization is one of fewer than 10 organizations registered with the Wisconsin Ethics Commission that is exempt from semi-annual reporting of its lobbying hours and expenditures. Instead of the semi-annual report the organization has submitted a written pledge not to spend more than $500 per year on lobbying. This organization is obliged to abide by the same standards of conduct as pertain to other organizations that retain lobbyists and to identify each bill or rule on which it has a lobbying communication.