Wisconsin Hemp Farmers & Manufacturers Association Inc.

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Business Or Interest:
Promote the safe and sustainable use of hemp in daily life and act as a bridge and resource between farmers and industry to enable this to occur. This will include areas of research & development and public, political and industry education.

Lobbying Interests:
We aim to lobby in the following areas to promote ease of use, legality, streamlining from farm to shelf, to consumer of hemp and cannabis: Farm production Processing issues Manufacturing hemp methods and processes - including materials, machinery, distribution Promotions and marketing Public education Security Insurance Transportation Genetics Testing Safety Health aspects Research & Development


Phillip Scott
6105 Gateway Green
Monona, wi 53716
(262) 354-4977

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Senate Bill 1034
Senate Bill 1034
Relating to: medical marijuana, granting rule-making authority, and providing a penalty. (FE)

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We Will be at the public hearing to testify our stance.

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This organization is one of fewer than 10 organizations registered with the Wisconsin Ethics Commission that is exempt from semi-annual reporting of its lobbying hours and expenditures. Instead of the semi-annual report the organization has submitted a written pledge not to spend more than $500 per year on lobbying. This organization is obliged to abide by the same standards of conduct as pertain to other organizations that retain lobbyists and to identify each bill or rule on which it has a lobbying communication.