Foundation for Black Women's Wellness, Inc.

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Business Or Interest:
Health education and promotion

Lobbying Interests:
The Foundation's lobbying interest is in all matters pertaining to Black women's health in Wisconsin. The specific lobbying areas may range from health care policy to transportation policy to education policy, among others. We are interested in influencing an ecosystem of policy matters that will have impact on the health and wellness of Black women and families.

Janine Stephens Hale
PO Box 259831
Madison, WI 53725

Authorized Lobbyists

Lobbyist Name Exclusive Duties Authorized On Withdrawn On
Katrina Blossom Morrison Exclusive Duties No Authorized On N/A Withdrawn On N/A

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Filed Statements of Lobbying Activity and Expenditures

This organization is one of fewer than 10 organizations registered with the Wisconsin Ethics Commission that is exempt from semi-annual reporting of its lobbying hours and expenditures. Instead of the semi-annual report the organization has submitted a written pledge not to spend more than $500 per year on lobbying. This organization is obliged to abide by the same standards of conduct as pertain to other organizations that retain lobbyists and to identify each bill or rule on which it has a lobbying communication.