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2019-2020 Legislative Session

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Name Organization Type Interest
3M Company Business Entity Matters relating to transportation, law enforcement, safety, registration issues, registration plates, commerce, business, health, environment and taxation.
AAA Wisconsin Charitable/Religious/Civic/Oth Automobile transportation and travel-related matters, with attendant environmental quality and safety standards. Matters related to the safety, financing, environmental influence and insurance of automobile transportation and other forms of travel.
AFSCME International Union Labor Union Policies impacting state workers in various state departments, including Corrections, Workforce Development, UW System, Transportation, Health Services and Children and Families. State employee compensation. Aids to local units of government. Local government control. Collective Bargaining rights for public and private sector workers. Government rules and regulations impacting public and private workers. Wages, benefits and workplace conditions for public workers.
AFSCME Wisconsin Council 32 Labor Union Corrections - both institutional and community care and county corrections; transportation funding, street and highway worker safety; long term care; county economic support services; child care services and funding; state employee rights and compensation; health insurance generally; worker health and safety; preserving public services; civil service; collective bargaining; employment relations; worker rights; supporting worker retirement including protecting the Wisconsin Retirement System, K-12 and higher education (UW System and technical colleges), fair elections, protecting voting rights and redistricting.
Aggregate Producers of Wisconsin Inc Association Legislation and rules dealing with mineral extraction or transportation, or permitting of nonmetallic mining operations, as well as any other agency rules or legislation that may affect the aggregate industry.
Aim Transfer & Storage Business Entity Issues relating to intermodal transportation services and the rail preservation program
All Aboard Wisconsin Association All Aboard Wisconsin will monitor all areas of state administrative, executive and legislative policies relating to public transportation, passenger rail, and freight rail services. We will advocate for expanding and improving these critical programs including keeping public transit in the segregated transportation fund, developing a state rail plan, improving the safely and efficiency of our freight rail systems, increasing the frequency of passenger rail service and supporting efforts for the creations and implementation of regional transit authorities.
Alliant Energy Business Entity Legislation dealing with energy, environment, transportation, business, tax, economic development, employer/employee issues as well as agency rules affecting these same areas.
Alzheimer's Association Charitable/Religious/Civic/Oth The Alzheimer's Association will engage with state officials on issues impacting individuals with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia and their caregivers. The Association will advocate for increased funding for research, the State Budget including funding for the Alzheimer's and Family Caregiver Support Program, legislation assisting caregivers to receive the support and resources needed, and legislation eliminating the exploitation of vulnerable senior populations. The Association will also work to promote educational opportunities for family and professional caregivers, promote long-term care options, and engage on legislation and administrative rules impacting rural health initiatives, transportation, Medicaid and Medicaid reimbursement rates, insurance, transportation, and other issue areas impacting individuals with Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia and their caregivers.
American Council of Engineering Companies of Wisconsin Association The American Council of Engineering Companies of Wisconsin monitors contracting issues including qualifications based selection, procurement & design-build, environmental & development issues, infrastructure, transportation and state agency funding, tort reform, licensing matters of design professionals.
American Wind Energy Association Association All issues relating to or affecting the US wind energy industry, including but not limited to agriculture, appropriations/budget, energy, economic development, environmental issues, manufacturing, public utilities, real estate/project siting regulations, construction, taxation and transportation.
Association of Wisconsin School Administrators Association The Assn will primarily attempt to influence legislation and administrative rules governing public PK-12 education. They will also attemp to influence legislation and administrative rules involving telecommunications, food and drugs, child welfare, social services, taxation, trust funds, and transportation issues that pertain to PK-12 education.
Badger Institute Charitable/Religious/Civic/Oth State and local government tax policy and spending, including related program accountability, consequences and effectiveness. We also focus on federalism, criminal justice and corrections, transportation and economic workforce development; occupational licensing, welfare and social services; and other issues that have or could have a significant impact on the quality of life and future of the state.
Bird Rides, Inc. Business Entity Represent Bird's interests around transportation & scooters before all government entities/and or bodies. Help Bird develop key relationships.
CoreCivic, Inc. Business Entity All matters relating to financing, design, construction, and operation of correctional facilities and inmate transportation systems, inmate reentry, and infrastructure solutions.
Dane County Governmental Our intent is to influence state government policies which directly or indirectly affect Dane County government and Dane County's citizens, primarily in the areas of taxation, shared revenues, social services, law enforcement and the judiciary, government services, the environment, transportation, elections, veterans, agriculture and land use.
Disability Rights Wisconsin Charitable/Religious/Civic/Oth Health, social services, child welfare, education, civil rights, guardianship, commitment, mental health, long-term care, treatment facilities, corrections, employment, transportation, Medicaid, other programs and services related to persons with disabilities, mental illness, and the Deaf community.
DRIVE - Devote Resources, Invest for a Vibrant Economy, Inc. Charitable/Religious/Civic/Oth Legislation relating to transportation funding and the 2019-2021 transportation budget
Enbridge Energy Company, Inc. Business Entity Legislation and regulations pertaining to energy and transportation of energy.
Exxon Mobil Corporation Business Entity General issues on exploration, production, transportation, and sale of crude oil and natural gas; manufacture, transportation, and sale of petroleum products and petrochemicals; participation in electric power generation.
Forward Janesville Inc Association Transportation and infrastructure, fiscal and tax issues, education, workers compensation, economic development and workforce development, health care issues, government spending, budgetary matters, and government regulation.
Foth & Van Dyke, LLC Business Entity Wisconsin non-ferrous mining law reform; the operation of and the funding for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation; the operation of, and the funding for Wisconsin's Harbor Assistance Grant program; and the regulation and licensing of professional engineers.
Froedtert Health Charitable/Religious/Civic/Oth Topics related to the Department of Health Services Budget, including Medicaid; legislation and rules related to Medicaid, the delivery of health services, health care operations, hospitals, physician services, wellness, and employment. Topics related to the Department of Transportation, including SE Wisconsin projects.
Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association Association All areas of transportation and forestry issues including initiatives relating to private property rights, taxation, public and private forest land use, forest management and issues including invasive and endangered species.
Greater Green Bay Chamber Association The Greater Green Bay Chamber is interested in economic development, transportation and other infrastructure, environment, energy, health care, taxation, and workforce development policy areas.
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