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2023-2024 Legislative Session

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Name Organization Type Interest
American Express Company Business Entity All matters possibly related to the regulation of charge cards, credit cards or bank cards.
CIOX Health, LLC Business Entity Regulatory Issues regarding or relating to medical records.
Wisconsin Agri-Business Association Association rural roads & bridges, rural broadband, water quality, topics concerning grain, animal feed, fertilizer, agricultural pesticides, business taxes, workforce development, agricultural regulation, environmental regulation pertaining to agriculture.
3M Company Business Entity Matters relating to transportation, law enforcement, safety, registration issues, registration plates, commerce, business, health, environment and taxation.
7-Eleven, Inc Business Entity Tax policy; repeal of the Personal Property Tax, sales and excise taxes related to convenience stores, property taxation. Workforce issues; food/safety standards, unemployment compensation fund, health care. Alcohol and tobacco sales; regulation. Other retail business issues.
AAA Wisconsin Charitable/Religious/Civic/Oth Automobile transportation and travel-related matters, with attendant environmental quality and safety standards. Matters related to the safety, financing, environmental influence and insurance of automobile transportation and other forms of travel.
AARP Charitable/Religious/Civic/Oth Health care, financial security, caregiving, and utilities.
AbbVie, Inc. Business Entity Issues related to patient healthcare and pharmaceutical sales, research and development.
Academic Staff Professionals Representation Organization (ASPRO) Association ASPRO is primarily interested in legislation that affects higher education in the University of Wisconsin system and the academic staff members within the system.
Acadia Healthcare Company, Inc. Business Entity Matters related to opiate abuse prevention; matters related to medicaide reimbursement; matters related to mental health care
Accenture LLP Business Entity All matters affecting information technology
Access to Independence Charitable/Religious/Civic/Oth Funding related to independent living centers, voting legislation, bills and policy relating to people with disabilities, directly or indirectly.
Act, Inc. Business Entity Education
Advancing Free Market Healthcare Charitable/Religious/Civic/Oth Advancing Free Market Healthcare is an employer-led coalition advocating for change in Wisconsin’s healthcare marketplace. We stand for policies that promote choice, competition, consumerism, accountability, high-value health care delivery and flexibility for employers to pursue the most affordable and quality health care alternatives on behalf of their Wisconsin employees and their families.
Advocate Aurora Health Charitable/Religious/Civic/Oth Issues impacting health care financing and delivery, and community health initiatives.
Aeroflow Business Entity Healthcare; Taxation (elimination of diaper/incontinence and breast pump taxes)/
AFAR Inc. dba The Ability Center Charitable/Religious/Civic/Oth Seeking state funding to make one Milwaukee County Park entirely accessible for people with disabilities.
AFSCME Wisconsin Council 32 Labor Union Policies impacting state workers in various state departments, including Corrections, Workforce Development, UW System, Transportation, Health Services, and Children and Families. State employee compensation. Aids to local units of government. Local government control. Collective Bargaining rights for public and private sector workers. Government rules and regulations impacting public and private workers. Wages, benefits, and workplace conditions for public workers.
AFT-Wisconsin Labor Union AFT-Wisconsin will be active around the state budget, all educational initiatives (pre-K12, technical college, higher education), local government, and state policies. We will also engage advocacy for increased revenue, broadband expansion, workplace safety and workers rights. We will advocate to strengthen opportunities for people of color and strong rural communities.
Aggregate Producers of Wisconsin Inc Association Legislation and rules dealing with mineral extraction or transportation, or permitting of nonmetallic mining operations, as well as any other agency rules or legislation that may affect the aggregate industry.
AHRI Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute Association Matters related to manufacturers of air-conditioning, heating and refrigeration, including potential legislative matters, rule making and building codes.
Airgun Sporting Association Association The Airgun Sporting Association advocates on behalf or the airgun and airgun accessory industry for sensible hunting regulations relating to airguns.
Alibaba Business Entity Ecommerce and technology
Alkermes, Inc. Business Entity Issues affecting the biopharmaceutical treatment for alcohol and drug addiction
All Aboard Wisconsin Association All Aboard Wisconsin will monitor all areas of state administrative, executive and legislative policies relating to public transportation, passenger rail, and freight rail services. We will advocate for expanding and improving these critical programs including keeping public transit in the segregated transportation fund, developing a state rail plan, improving the safely and efficiency of our freight rail systems, increasing the frequency of passenger rail service and supporting efforts for the creations and implementation of regional transit authorities.