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2019-2020 Legislative Session
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Wisconsin Restaurant Association Business Interest: Wisconsin Restaurant Association is a not-for-profit trade association dedicated to supporting the foodservice industry. WRA membership includes thousands of foodservice businesses representing virtually every size and style of establishment in the state. Restaurateur members include fine dining establishments, mom-and-pop supper clubs, small cafes, quick service outlets, corporate chain restaurants, institutional food service operations, catering businesses and hotel and motel food services, to name a few. In addition to restaurateur and food service operators, WRA has hundreds of Supplier Associate Members that provide goods and services to the restaurant industry. Area Of Interest: The Wisconsin Restaurant Association will work to insure that no new taxes on small businesses are created and maintain equal property tax relief for businesses. WRA will work to maintain the September 1 school start law and an increase in the state budget for tourism promotion. WRA is interested in all alcohol laws and their impact on the ever changing restaurant industry. WRA will work to limit new mandates on employers in the area of employee benefits or health insurance and finding a viable solution for more small businesses to offer affordable health insurance to their employees. WRA is interested in workplace issues such as minimum wage, workers' compensation, unemployment compensation, and teen labor laws. WRA will work to protect the integrity of the restaurant industry by working for necessary and equitable regulations associated with safe food handling. WRA will work for utility deregulation to effect small businesses positively.
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