Registration And Licensing

An organization employing a lobbyist for compensation in Wisconsin must do four things:

1) license its lobbyist(s),

2) register the lobbying principal

3) authorize its lobbyist(s), and

4) pay all applicable fees.

Registration is not complete until all four steps have been completed and all required fee payments have been made.

There are two types of lobbyist licenses. For a lobbyist who works on behalf of only one principal, the license fee is $250 (a “single license”). For a lobbyist with more than one client, the license fee is $400 (a “multiple license”).

There are also two types of principal registrations. An organization intending to spend less than $500 in a calendar year on lobbying expenses may register as a “limited lobbying principal” for a fee of $20. All other organizations register as full lobbying principals for a fee of $375. 

NOTE: lobbyists representing limiting lobbying principals are prohibited by the same statutes as lobbyists of full lobbying principals. 

Every lobbyist, including in-house lobbyists, must be authorized to lobby on behalf of each principal they represent. This fee is $125 per lobbyist. For information on the Veterans Professional/Occupational Licensure Fee Waiver Program, please click here.

2017-2018 Lobbying Fee Schedule

Lobbyist license (single)


Lobbyist license (multiple)


Principal registration


Lobbyist authorization

$125 per lobbyist

Limited principal registration (spending less than $500 in a calendar year on lobbying)


FOCUS subscription (optional)

$100 per email address