During the
Legislative Session

Lobbying Principals

2013-2014 Legislative Session
Union Pacific Railroad Company
Principal Name: Union Pacific Railroad Company
Business Or Interest: Railroad transportation.
Lobbying Interests: UP is a freight railroad. We will be attempting to influence legislation and state rules that relate to any regulation of our operating practices or the goods we transport. Since our physical plant (tracks and auxiliary facilities) extend across the state, we have the same concerns that other industry has about property law, environmental impacts and the like, as well as how our property and operation is taxed. We are also concerned about laws that affect our employees and liability law with regard to our operations in the state.
CEO Name: John (Jack) Koraleski
Title: Assistant Vice President - Public Affairs
Contact Name: Wesley J Lujan
Address: 101 N Wacker Dr, Suite 1910
City, State, Zip: Chicago, IL 60606
Phone: (312) 777-2002
Fax: (312) 777-2020