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Legislative Session

Lobbying Principals

2019-2020 Legislative Session
Bettercity: Superior Inc.
Principal Name: Bettercity: Superior Inc.
Business Or Interest: Better City Superior is a group of citizens and businesses working to grow and enhance our community. Established by Superior Mayor Bruce Hagen in late 2013, we are a nonprofit grassroots organization that is local, privately led and privately funded. Our vision is to ensure that Superior has a future as bright as the people who live here.
Lobbying Interests: Specific small market adoption of Exhisting Exposition District Legislation for Superior, WI
Title: President
Contact Name: Bruce D. Thompson
Address: 823 Belknap St. Ste. L-10
City, State, Zip: Superior, WI 54880
Phone: (715) 394-8930
Fax: (715) 394-3161